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DHAN Foundation

The voluntary sector in India has played a major role in rural development,through mobilising communities and catalysing people's initiatives for change,as well as through direct implementation of interventions around specific issues. Formal recognition of the role of voluntary organisations in the Seventh Plan documentled to the formation of the Council for Advancement of People's Action and Rural Technology (CAPART) in 1986,

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About DHAN

Development of Humane Action (DHAN) Foundation, a professional development organisation, was initiated on October 2, 1997. It brings highly motivated, educated young women and men to the development sector. They would make new innovations in development to root out poverty from the country. The Foundation works to make significant changes in the livelihoods of the poor through innovative themes and institutions.

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VKC Spread

The one Expert Center (Central Site) is located in Madurai and the Village Knowledge Centers (Remote Sites) are spread in 3 Districts of Tamil Nadu- Madurai, Dindugal, Sivagangai. The Following diagram shows the name of the Village Knowledge Centers and its connectivity with the Central Site. The Central Site/ Expert Center is connected directly with 4 Centers namely Appanthirupathy, Palamedu, Malaipatty and Mellavelore.

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VKC Services


The Village Knowledge Centers are managed by trained women in Computer Diploma & 12th Standard qualification. The VKCs have access to all people of the village irrespective of caste, sex, etc. Each VIC is equipped with two computers, printer, UPS, public address system, library, necessary multimedia content in the form of DVDs, web/digital camera, etc. The VICs are offering a range of different services for the rural mass and specific services catering to the needs.

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